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Scale Your Business with Growth Automation and TexAu

You don’t have much of a business without customers, and you can’t exactly bribe leads on the street with free samples. (“Here! Try three words of copy for free!”) TexAu takes your lead gen to legendary levels with automations, workflows, and integrations that let you snag the customers you’ve always been looking for. Build your customer base faster. Get lifetime access to TexAu today!

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Collect and Analyze User Activity with HockeyStack

Tired of watching hundreds of website session replays to try and guess why five people converted and the other 9,995 didn’t? (“Maybe they had a really good bagel this morning?”) While heatmaps that show clicks and scrolls can be helpful, they don’t tell the whole...

Measure Campaign Performance Using AI Heat Maps with AttentionInsight

With all the distracting things on the Internet (ooh, a soy candle sale!), it’s hard to know where visitors’ attention is actually going. Good thing you’ve got powerful pre-launch analytics that help you maximize the visibility of key design elements. Attention Insight lets you see your design through the eyes of your users, to make sure you’re getting the attention you want—and deserve! Get lifetime access today!

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Create and Manage All Your Ads On One Platform with ADYOUNEED

Managing your social media ads is one of the many jobs you never considered you’d have back when you were posting cat photos on Twitter in ’08. (“We’re now hiring a Chief Meme Officer.”) But with ADYOUNEED, you’ll optimize the way you create ads, find your target audiences, run split tests, and so much more. Give your paid ads the love they need. Get lifetime access to ADYOUNEED today!

Get lifetime access to ADYOUNEED today!

Create and Edit Professional Videos Online with Moovly

Making a great video takes more than a tripod and a ring light. (Ham horns are also key.) Thanks to Moovly’s collaborative flow, simple drag-and-drop editor, and advanced customization features, building awesome brand-aligned video content has never been so painless. Fast-track your video creation process and grow your brand with just a few clicks. Get lifetime access to Moovly today!

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Get More Productive Leads through Automated Outreach with SalesBlink

When you’ve got sales goals higher than Dwight Schrute’s, you need tools that can help you achieve them (and it’s going to take a lot more than bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica). SalesBlink makes converting leads simple, providing resources for every step of your sales campaign and automating cold outreach from start to finish. Land on leads with confidence and turn campaign goals into campaign successes. Get lifetime access to SalesBlink today!

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Build Professional Membership Websites With Brilliant Directories

It takes a lot to keep a membership community up and running. (Tell us your secrets, Netflix!) From publishing content to handling password resets, signups, and refunds, you’re putting in overtime just on the backend. Brilliant Directories makes setting up, managing, and monetizing your membership site a breeze, so you can focus on the members that make it. Get lifetime access to Brilliant Directories today!

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